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The reason for ditching your Razor

Waxing versus shaving is a personal debate that many men and women struggle with across the country. What's the difference between the two hair removal methods and why is keeping a waxing regimen so important for the skin's well being? As the colder months approach people may be tempted to revert back to shaving. It's easier, faster and less expensive, by shaving you are actually doing a disservice to your skin. Here's why:

Shaving with a razor or an electric shaver stimulates the sebaceous glands, which sends signals for reproduction to the hair follicles. Cutting hair just above the epidermis sends signals to the sebaceous glands to immediately reproduce, which is why hair grows back in a day or two. The shaving process not only results in thicker, denser hair but it can also trigger dormant hair that have not matured, to start growing hair.

Studies show that extracting hair from the root (papilla) by use of a depilatory waxing product weakens the hair follicles and slows down the reproduction signals, resulting in finer, slower re growth. Schedule under arm waxing or brow waxing today!