Dermal Fillers come in a wide range of products and treatment area specific. Fillers are becoming more widely used as the improvements in the product have given us less painful, longer lasting, and safer results with fewer complications. At NCD Skin, we have done the research and study to provide you with specific types of filler that will meet your exact needs.

NCD Skin's core goal is to enhancing our client's skin health and appearance while utilizing all the available resources in modern skin care and rejuvenation. We are dedicated to provide you with the most comfortable experience to achieve the results you are expecting. Our passion for your natural youthful appearance means that we will advise and provide you with the products to enhance your appearance and self confidence.

Dermal Fillers are one of the many products we offer at NCD Skin. By choosing the right filler and placing it in the precise areas with the correct dosage, Dr. Schoenbeck will make your appearance more youthful and fresh.

Typically, fillers will last as long as 12-24 months, the actual time a filler lasts depends upon the person's activity level, metabolism, and the type of filler that is placed.

Dermal Filler Procedure:

Dermal filler procedure at NCD Skin starts with an evaluation and discussion of the client's needs, expectations, and most likely outcome expected by the doctor. The client is photographed and studied from several viewing angles. The client is anesthetized with a strong topical anesthetic and ice to provide comfort for the injections. Once the injections are complete, a two week follow up appointment will be scheduled for evaluation and any touch up treatment necessary, as agreed to by the client and doctor.

After placing the filler, the client will see the immediate result, unlike with Botox which takes 7-10 days. The filler must absorb into the tissues for two weeks before the final appearance is stable. The first two weeks could result in bruising, swelling and some discomfort. The result will be a long lasting, youthful appearance.

For questions about Dermal Fillers, visit our FAQ page.