Feeling Uncomfortable in Your Own Skin?

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If you're looking for ways to improve the appearance and health of your skin, make an appointment at NCD Skin in Gorham, NH for skin irregularity removal services. We use the Skin Classic treatment to help improve the appearance of a wide range of skin irregularities.

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We can help you manage various skin issues

Skin Classic treatments offer a fast and safe way to remove marks and blemishes. This type of skin irregularity treatment is designed to help with:

  • Broken capillaries: Sun-damaged and exposed blood vessels.
  • Cherry angiomas: Small red dots caused by sun exposure, pregnancy, genetics and aging.
  • Brown spots: Spots that appear in middle-aged people after repeated sun exposure.
  • Seborrheic keratosis: Benign tumors that form on the face, chest, shoulders and back due to age.
  • Skin tags: Small benign skin tumors that can appear as people age. Blackheads: Clogged hair follicles that appear dark or black.
  • Milia: Keratin-filled cists.
  • Cystic acne: Acne that turns into large cysts. Most commonly seen in adolescents and young adults.
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